About the Website / Blog

This website – www.techfaq.org is a newly launched technology blog. The authors of this blog try to help users with their F.A.Q. about different subjects of technology. You may not find so many topics covered yet but we are adding them regularly.

The Blog Posts

The F.A.Qs are being collected from different sources like tech forums, Q&A websites, social media groups, etc. And the authors try to find solutions and provide the answers to a bunch of questions in a single blog post.

Our Presence on Social Media and Other Places

We are not yet active on social media websites or any other places as this is a beginning stage. Definitely Tech FAQ will be available on popular social media platforms soon. We will update our social media presence here in the future.

You Can Contribute

If you have questions that we can highlight and answer here, you may ask. Please use the below form to share the question. We will try to write answers about that and other relevant questions in a new/existing blog post ASAP.

    Also if you are a tech blogger or having the interest to help others with their queries about technology – You are welcome! Use the contact us form on our contact page to reach us.