Facebook Group FAQ (Answers to most asked questions)

How to leave a Facebook group?

Log in to Facebook and in another tab open – https://www.facebook.com/groups/
In the left panel under the section ” Groups You’re In” you can find the list of groups (use the “See More” link to view all)
Click the group that you wish to leave.
Now Click the downward arrow next to the “Joined” button and click “Leave Group” from the dropdown list.
Find the confirmation pop-up and click the “Leave Group” button.
Facebook group FAQ

Will my posts in a Facebook group be deleted after leaving the Group?

The previous posts will be as it is even after you leave a FB group. They don’t get deleted. However, you will not be able to edit or delete them after leaving the group. So, if you don’t wish them there, better to remove them before leaving the group.

Who will be notified when I leave a group?

No one.
You will be removed from the members’ list and the group will vanish from your list of groups.

How to disable/hide Facebook Group Posts/notifications from News Feed?

Log in to Facebook and go to the group.
Find the “Notifications” button and click on it.
Click on “Off” from the dropdown list.Facebook group FAQ

How to view a Facebook group (posts) without joining?

Viewing the content of a Facebook group needs that group to be a Public group. You can’t see the posts of a Secret / Closed group without joining. The posts of a public group can also be seen even if you don’t have a Facebook account.

How to stop me from being added to FB groups?

It is not possible to stop people from adding you to Facebook groups. Your FB friends can add you to any Facebook groups and you can’t prevent them.
So, the only thing you can do is leave the group.

How do I join a Facebook group?

Log in to Facebook and click on “Groups” in the left panel.
If you don’t know which group to join, try searching a relevant group with some keywords into the search box. If you find the group to join, click on it and click the “Join Group” button.
If you have the group address, put the URL in the browser and click on the “Join Group” button.
You may have to wait for approval by the administrator or a group member to be in.

How Can I Join a hidden Group on Facebook?

When any of your FB friends who is a member of the hidden group adds you to the group, you can be a member too. It’s not possible to find the hidden groups by searching their name on Facebook. They don’t appear in search results.

What are the difference between Secret, closed and Private Facebook groups?

Not much, only the search visibility. Previously secret groups were not visible in the Facebook group search.
However, the new policy of Facebook made both secret and closed groups as Private group. And allow them an option in the setting to be visible/invisible in the Facebook group search.
So Basically there are Public groups and Private groups (hidden or visible).

Why can’t I post in Facebook groups?

If you are a member of the group and not able to post in the group – This may be due to the admin disabled you from posting to the group.