Recover Your Facebook Account –

How can I recover my Facebook password without email and phone number?

Use Trusted Contacts –
If you have already set your trusted contacts follow the below steps to recover the password:
1. In the Facebook login page click on the “Forgotten account?” link.
recover facebook password without email and phone number
2. On the next page provide the email ID / Phone number (that is associated with the FB account) in the “Find Your Account” section.
get back your facebook account
3. Click on “No longer have access to these?” in the “Reset your password” page.
Reset your FB password
4. Click “I cannot access to my email account” (or phone number).
Reset your FB password without email
5. Provide an email address/phone number that you can access in the “How can we reach you?” section.
get back your facebook account without email
6. Now click on “Reveal My Trusted Contacts” and provide the name of any of your contacts.
7. You will get a recovery code link along with some instructions that you need to share with that particular person. Now that friend of you needs to follow that link, get the code and share it with you.
8. Use the code and follow the instructions to recover your Facebook account.

How to Add Trusted Contacts to your Face book Account?

1. Log in and go to –
2. Find the “Choose friends …..” section where you can add some close friends of you as trusted contacts who can help you get back your FB access in the future.
3. Click ” Choose friends“.
Add trusted contact to recover facebook password
4. In the dialog box click on ” Choose Trusted Contacts
5. In next step type 3 to 5 facebook the names of your close Facebook friends and select 3 to 5 friends on the list.
6. Click “Confirm
Recover FB Password through Trusted Contacts
These contacts can be removed and others can be added by editing the list.